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How to protect your child from Cyberbullying- 10 Internet Safety Tips

According to reports by American Osteopathic Association, it is observed that parents are more concerned about the well-being of their children, mainly in cyberspace.

Also, more than 50% of parents agreed that their children are victims of cyberbullying. Who is responsible for it? Well, neither teachers nor parents are accountable for cyberbullying. In the growing era of the internet, cyberbullying is a much more expanded issue than in previous times. Reports say that over the past year, about 1 million teens got cyberbullied just on Facebook.

How to protect your child from Cyberbullying

In today's time, 87% of children say that they witnessed risky behavior online. Irrespective of reports, psychologists claim to say that cyberbullying nowadays is one of the main reasons for depression, trauma, drug use, suicidal attempts, and anxiety among children.

Of course, cutting off social media isn't the solution for whatever crime is happening to young people. But indeed, some steps can be taken to avoid cyberbullying.

10 Internet Safety Tips to protect your child from Cyberbullying

1.Talk about it

The foremost and most crucial step to be taken if you are a victim of cyberbullying is to talk about it. Parents must make children understand that it is alright to talk about such things. If they don't open up, it can result in various hazardous psychological issues within them.

2. Be alert in filling online surveys

You can often see online surveys about any commodity or website that will ask you for personal information. Be sure you do not get trapped in any such misleading advertisements. Even if you end up filling such forms, make sure you do enough research for the site.

3. Confront things to each other

Personal space is essential, but too much personal space is of no use. As parents, you should make your children ready to talk about themselves. Be comfortable talking with each other so that you do not regret keeping it within yourself if any problem comes ahead.

4. Stay away from fake accounts.

Many children tend to accept requests from unknown people on their social media accounts. This is one of the leading causes of cyberbullying. Sharing your personal information with strange people is of no use. Accepting known and close ones will keep you safe from getting bullied.

5. Avoid talking with strangers.

This is one of the primary things we have heard since childhood. But do you know that neglecting these things can cause problems ahead? Talking with strangers online and sharing personal information results in cyberbullying among the majority of children.

6. How to avoid vulgar posts

Many times, fake accounts tend to send some vulgar or inappropriate posts that should not be entertained. Whenever the person tends to follow this behavior, make sure you block them at that moment instead of replying or yelling at him/her and then take the necessary actions.

7. Reporting inappropriate things

Sometimes, you may come across such posts which are not meant for you but can affect other children in a humiliating way. So here, your role is to report such posts so that they don't reach the receiver. Doing so will help others from being a victim of cyberbullying.

8. Collect evidence

One of the crucial steps here is to take a screenshot of the victim being cyberbullied for evidence. Once you have proof for it, immediately block and report the person. You will need the evidence for future purposes in case the victim is accused of false reports.

9. Avoid sharing things online, even if it is your friend.

Some people wish to share some big news or essential details of their personal lives online with their friends. Avoid doing so. Whatever it is, try to confront things live face to face. Do not give anyone a chance to trap you through the internet and online chatting.

10. Social media account credentials.

The account that exists on social media platforms should be safe. Make sure you have a unique login ID and password, and no one knows it except your parents. Easily accessible credentials have the chance to get hacked and then face the consequences of cyberbullying.

Computer security

Therefore, the most important thing to keep in mind is assuring the victims of cyberbullying that they are not alone. Often, the victims are in such trauma that they don't have the thought to come and speak their heart out to anyone.

They feel guilty of their own and think it is their fault. Make sure you educate every person around here that cyberbullying is not normal, but talking about it is normal. Don't be afraid to speak about it. Only when you talk will action be taken, and change can be seen. Your step towards wrong will make other hundred children confident about themselves.

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