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Peki Ralte

As a trained psychotherapist and counselor specializing in adolescent and adult therapy, I approach each individual as uniquely.

When our emotions are looked after, managed, and given space to breathe, we truly become ourselves and rise to our full potential. 

I am a private practitioner based out of Bengaluru and conduct online and consultations via methods that are eclectic and ever evolving to cater to diverse backgrounds, cultural differences, socio economic conditions and geographical restrictions of my clients.

 My primary focus, however, remains on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Theory.

Through the course of a therapeutic relationship, therapy builds awareness and expression of one's true self. It's worth remembering that like all good things in life, therapy takes time. It is a process and not something that changes a person overnight or with just one session. 

It works wonders when there is complete synergy between a therapists' involvement and the receiver's willingness to work on themselves.

" In short, you and your therapist together can create magic. "

Growing up in the urban city of Bangalore (Bengaluru), I was largely exposed to a multi - cultural environment that has taught me empathy, sensitivity and tolerance. I was raised by a father who served in the Indian government and a mother who was a home-maker. I enjoy my hobbies of reading, long distance running and watching movies very much.

I have trained and involved myself in the field of applied psychology and psychotherapy for more than seven years and have supported multiple clients over these years. 

I have also conducted and attended workshops on Life Skills, Stress Management, Family Systems and Therapy, Contemporary issues with Adolescent and Child beyond the Clinic, Solution Focused Brief Therapy to name a few.

Currently, I am working on a fascinating topic for my dissertation that I hope to complete and share with you all very soon.

Peki Ralte
  • Member of Society of Counselling Psychology – an APA division 17

  • PhD Scholar - Psychology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru, IN

  • M.S (Master of Science) - Counselling Psychology, Montfort College, Bengaluru, IN

  • MS (Master of Science) - Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, US

  • B.S (Bachelor of Science), Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, IN

Journal Publications
  • A Survey on Individual Differences of Open Access Journals

  • Exploring Challenges faced by Urban Single Working Women in Bangalore
    (IJRSS: International Journal of Research in Social Sciences)

  • Effect of Motivational Interviews Among Substance Users
    (IJRAR: International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews)

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