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Why Therapy?

We sometimes require the help and guidance of a therapist to obtain an objective insight based on our subjective world. I believe that a positive, responsive and safe therapeutic relationship can help achieve our personal desires.

There is a yearning to grow, connect and understand our wants and needs. As humans, we have an intrinsic need to be known, seen, affirmed and accepted for who we are. Therefore, we strive towards that personal desire to get out of our confusion and maladjustments. This can be achieved through professional psychotherapy and counseling. 

Current brain research teaches and shows that we are wired for growth and healing. The ability of our brain to change coupled with the effectiveness of a therapeutic relationship is a connection that has tremendous implication for psychotherapy. If you suffer with issues of depression, feelings of fear, anxiety, or loneliness, or you feel generally dissatisfied with aspects of your life, our combined work together can or will provide hope and a path towards greater peace and happiness.


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