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Counseling For Students And Parents In The Times Of Covid And Its Impact.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a scathing effect on everybody's lives in the same or different manner. Especially in some areas of life, for example, students and their careers.

Counseling For Students And Parents In The Times Of Covid

This pandemic has brought a steep rise in the cases of depression and anxiety among them. It is because of the lack of employment or significant cuts in their salary. Millions of people had to lose their jobs. Even well-to-do companies had to take severe measures because of the lack of business activities.

Surveys show how covid has impacted the lives of students in a negative manner. Millions of people were registering their names in various job portals and recruitment firms last year.

Covid and unemployment

In many cases, we can see people leaving out or jobs because of the financial crisis the firm is going through. Some companies have given their employees unpaid leave and left their life in uncertainty. Few companies have crumbled entirely and have no idea of the future.

Experts and business people are confused about what the future holds for them as they are clueless. The thing with students and their careers is that there are still options, but the visibility is not strong, and there is still confusion about a sustainable future.

How can parents get involved with their children in dealing with the crisis?

Academic counseling is about the child's growth and understanding of things and the parents who are also indirectly involved in their child's life. Parents play a huge role in dealing with this crisis during these times. But before that, it is imperative to make sure that the parents have it all cleared through proper advocacy. Counseling can help parents understand the different career choices their wards can make.

Why counseling is required after secondary school

Career counseling at the college level is imperative for students to build their lives without any regrets. Many times children have to choose the first job they find despite the interest they have in it. It can result in job frustration and anxiety issues among the children.

Not being able to do what you are passionate about and favorably lead the life is a root cause of depression. Counseling can help avoid this step. Counseling can help the students clear out their career choices and abolish the dilemmas, and suggest a good view for seeing things.

Psychological Impact of covid and after trauma

The global pandemic has brought about a mirage of changes amongst the youth of the country, which will have a long-term effect despite things getting better. Due to lockdowns and social isolation, there is fear of anxiety, trauma, technology addiction, and suicides in the students as schools and colleges attempt to survive in the new normal.

Both the students and parents need counseling to bring their academic Careers back on track and cope with the stress and repercussions of the pandemic. Counselors and mental health providers in schools and otherwise should help your child combat the issue and determine practical ways to improve the condition.

Schools and colleges face some unprecedented fears for mental health in their students about yearly extended stay-at-home orders. Government orders, isolation, covid recovery, lockdowns, deaths and grief, and uncertainty of future are all serious issues related to covid-19 that could create trauma among the students and give birth to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and trauma.

How school counseling can help

While nothing and anyone can prepare you for the unprecedented pandemic disruption, the aftermath will impact students, teachers, and educators once the school infrastructure opens completely. This crisis is one of a kind situation that needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Mental health counselors can bring about substantial changes as they are trained to deal with such circumstances individually and practically. Psychotherapy counseling can help your child learn to adapt to new situations and address critical issues such as academics, Career, mental and social development, which positively impact your growth.

During times of crisis like this, a professional counselor plays an impactful role in your child's life. Counselors all around are working to provide counseling to students, communicate with the parents and guardians and seek help from the support team to build a strong foundation for students in the coming years.

Counseling provides a solid mental and systematic approach for students to deal with the repercussions of the scathing pandemic. They are expected to serve students and parents, and other individuals who are in coordination to bring the entire structure of the school community.

A combined effort

Dealing with this crisis would need a combined effort from both the counselors and school administration. They need to sit together and talk about the mental health issues affecting the children after all of this is over. Parents with their children should seek professional help whenever their child feels helpless or confused. It is the only way one finds a semblance of growth and stability in their life.

About Peki therapy

Peki therapy is a psychological therapy and counseling center specialized in adolescent and adult therapy.

Lalpeki Ralte is interactive in her style, focusing on emotions by integrating complementary toolkits and intervention through online video consultation.

With an understanding of your requirements, she offers a personalized approach tailored to you and your needs to build on your strength and attain well-being and personal growth.

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