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Important Coping Strategies To Combat The Pandemic Fatigue

We all have seen a lot of pain and tragedy since last year. News about deaths and losing your loved ones can take a toll on your mental health and why not? Some of the frequently asked questions that I hear about coping strategies for combating pandemic fatigue are -:

I am under constant fear. What should I do?

Combat Anxiety

I am a college student feeling anxious all the time and can't concentrate on my studies. How can I manage it?

Nobody is alone at times like these. We are all feeling the same way. Some of us can cope with the anxiety and learn to control it according to our adaptation while some succumb to it.

Defining ways to combat anxiety

There are various ways in which you can learn to adapt to these new situations. For example, a good way to cope with anxiety is to write down your thoughts in a journal. Write down things you can control in one column( try to focus on these things) and write about thoughts that you can't control (try to let them go).

Defining ways to combat anxiety

On a day-to-day basis, things that you must be able to control is keeping you and your loved ones safe, wearing the mask properly, taking a balanced diet, exercising, and being together with your family. What you absolutely cannot control is your future. Nobody has seen the future, therefore stressing about will only create anxiety.

Career and pandemic fatigue

Jobs and employment have been struck hard owing to the pandemic last year. Millions of jobs have been lost in 14 months. Many bread earners have lost their lives due to the virus. People who are working from home are tired and constantly complaining of overwork and body fatigue. Students are not able to focus on their studies which can not only create a situation of panic for them but also for the parents.

Online classes are taking a toll on their mental and physical health. Due to the loss of human connection people are not able to focus on their work and hence the missed deadlines. Anxiety and depression are constantly affecting their sleep cycle, eating habits, and energy levels. While this is something we do not have in our control, how we manage it is definitely but.

As the pandemic extends we need to be more empathetic. Managers should try to understand the situation and not burden their employees with loads of work. For working mothers, time should be given to handling their children so that they don't feel overwhelmed. This is the time to be more empathetic towards each other and more specifically towards yourself.

Coping with the pandemic fatigue in a long run

Emotionally we all are tired and spent. The increasing surge in covid deaths is depressing and discouraging. And the worst thing in this scenario is we don't know how and when this ends. So what are the long-term coping strategies to combat pandemic fatigue?

  • Self-care is a must-: self-care is not optional. We all must take charge of our well-being. Nobody, not even the most caring individual is responsible for your health these days. One must learn to care and love themselves to keep others happy.

  • Create a routine-: create a routine for yourself. Spend at least an hour with you in the morning. Plan your day. Make small goals for yourself. You should find something you connect the most with, be it yoga, painting, exercises, meditation, or reading. Once you find a connection do it regularly.

  • Feel grateful -: you must have heard this a lot these days. But it remains the top priority for any human being. Feel grateful for the food and shelter you have. If you live with your family, enjoy these experiences with them.

  • Take a break from social media-: if there has ever been a perfect time to leave social media, it is now. The constant bombardment of negative news can be overwhelming for you. There is no reason to follow the statistical figures about the infection rates and consensus.

  • Seek diversions -: try to spend time doing things that distract your mind. It can be anything from reading to eating. Know what you love to do. Create routines that you can follow and focus on things that you have control over.

  • Last but not the least, be kind to yourself and everyone else.

Get help if you need it

Some things are not spoken or expressed easily. If you are facing a problem like this then it's the right time to consult a professional counselor. You may need a therapist to give you a push ahead. Pandemic fatigue is real and unique. It doesn't happen in the same manner to two individuals. Therefore if it starts to feel like it's too much, acknowledge it and ask for help.

About Peki therapy

Peki therapy is a psychological therapy and counseling center specialized in adolescent and adult therapy. Lalpeki Ralte is interactive in her style, focusing on emotions by integrating complementary toolkits and intervention through online video consultation.

With an understanding of your requirements, she offers a personalized approach tailored to you and your needs to build on your strength and attain well-being and personal growth.

How Important Is Nurturing Your Mental State During The Distress Of Covid-19?

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