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How to deal with Monday blues

Monday blues! We all have heard of that before.

But, unfortunately, #can't deal with Monday blues.

So #don't tell me it is Monday again.

This and a lot more…...


Think about all the Mondays that went by this month. How have you spent them? Were you happy or excited? Do you have any fabulous memories? Or was just as it is supposed to be; miserable, and you have no idea how to deal with it.

But the question is: Are Mondays supposed to be miserable?

Now let's talk about the Saturdays of your last month. I am sure you must have a lot of news or excitement to share—the plans you made for the weekend or memories you made with people.

Good things are often associated with Friday. We wait for the entire week for this day to come, and it has cool hashtags such as Friday!!!

Why Monday blues?

Monday is often associated with boredom and inefficiency. It has been called the worst day of the week. You would often find people posting their boring pictures on Instagram with the hashtag Monday blues. According to research, Mondays are so bad for employees that their productivity slashes by almost 70%.

When this should be the opposite of what should happen, in real life, we get excited every time something new comes into our life. Whether it's a new job, relationship, childbirth, or even a vacation to our favorite place.

Isn't this contrary to Monday blues?

Because we are not at all pleased to start our week, we barely survive the day and feel triumph after it's over. So does it have to be like this at all?

Monday - A state of mind

We never have a great relationship to this day. We start to feel anxiety from early Sunday mornings. Sunday nights are terrifying, even if you have been working for a decade. People hate Mondays.

But do people hate Mondays or everything that it signifies?

Since the inception of everything in our lives, Monday has always been the foremost day of our schedules. From our kindergarten days to the office to our jobs. The first days have always been filled with uncertainty and pressure. After that, we are always chasing some new deadlines, going away from the warmth of our homes, and coming back with loads of work.

And since we are so hell-bent on spending our weekends with our friends, we push our deadlines to deal with them the following Monday, making matters worse.

So what are the things that we are doing wrong?

  • We don't spend enough time with ourselves over the weekend. A generic weekend looks like a fun Friday with many household chores on Saturday, which leaves us spent and unfilled on Sunday night.

  • Monday is the farthest from the conventional holidays, hence the negative connotation.

  • We don't plan our weekend to our satisfaction. Given that a lot of things are already pushed to the weekend, we never have the time.

Free yourself from the mental captivity of Monday

Remind yourself why are you here? Why did you take this profession? What is it that led you here? What is your aim in life? What are your contributions to society?

Introspect your life decisions and think of them as a way to be. This will help you get better equipped with your Mondays.

Start your groundwork late Friday evening so that you are fully recovered on Monday.

Don't procrastinate your work until the weekends

Give your weekends a break. Your weekends are supposed to be your me-time. Reverse your weekly schedule so that there are no chores left on the weekend.

Start with doing your grocery and other chores on Friday. This will help you with a lighter Sunday.

Another way you can lighten up your weekend is by cleaning your house after every three days. If you cannot do this objectively, make sure you do it on a Saturday morning but avoid doing it on Sunday.

Avoid work on the weekends.

Don't push all your work until the weekends. Avoid checking your emails even if you are tempted to do it. This can result in burnout.

We all have some commitments that we have to fulfill. A new role or a project. But can you commit yourself 100% to a project until you are fully committed to yourself?

Plan a fulfilling weekend

Most of us don't plan our weekends which as a result gives us ample time to complain. Finish off your household chores before Sunday. Schedule spa treatments or a movie date with your friends. Pen down your feelings or moments in a diary.

But make sure that you plan your outdoor activities on Saturdays and not on Sundays. Sundays are for you, your self-recovery and introspection. So try to indulge in activities that make you happy, like cooking, painting, reading, sleeping, or writing.

Your Sunday rituals should be fun, peaceful, and healing.

A new perspective

Why does this whole thing work? Well, for one, your week starts with a Friday, which provides you with a whole new perspective to start your week. Don't limit yourself to thinking that your weekends are on a Friday, so you shouldn't be working.

Plan your week by planning new ways to follow up your weekend. To rejuvenate yourself. To give yourself time to sleep, heal and recover.

Think of it as another day of the week. Work stuff to your potential but don't overwork. Schedule your way in such a manner that doesn't make you tiresome. Your outlook towards the week ahead should depend on you.

Monday blues are nothing but a state of mind. Start your week by spending time with your parents, friends, and your dog. Don't stress too much over the technicality of it. Own the day. The day you are completely out of this mental captivity is the day you are free of the Monday blues.

Do what your heart desires, and everything will be fine.

About Peki therapy

Peki therapy is a psychological therapy and counseling center specialized in adolescent and adult therapy. Lalpeki Ralte is interactive in her style, focusing on emotions by integrating complementary toolkits and intervention through online video consultation. With an understanding of your requirements, she offers a personalized approach tailored to you and your needs to build on your strength and attain well-being and personal growth.

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