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How And Why Are Interpersonal Relationships Important Yet Critical?

An interpersonal relationship is a term that cannot be ignored in today's time. When you are close to someone and develop feelings like care, affection, respect, and love towards them, it is known as 'interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal relationships are mostly found with family or a close friend's circle. Maintaining interpersonal relationships is not anyone's cup of tea. It requires nurturing and maintenance throughout. Yet, these are the most beautiful relations that give you the purpose of your life. These relationships always support and encourage you to fly higher, no matter how many difficulties come in your way. It is all dependent on how you behave and the quality of interaction you have with your close ones. When in an interpersonal relationship, happiness is the topmost priority.

Interpersonal Relationships

Examples of Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal relationships are the same but classified differently according to the different people. The reality, expectations, commitments, etc., vary between these different types of interpersonal relationships. Below are the most common stages of interpersonal relationships.

  • Family

Our primary exchange of emotions begins with our family. This interpersonal relationship can be shared with our parents, grandparents, siblings, guardians, or other family members. Sometimes, views may differ from generation to generation, but relationships with family last forever. However, in some cases, personal differences do overtake interpersonal relations.

  • Friends

When family problems bother your interpersonal relationships, friendship comes to the rescue. Friendship isn't something that can be defined. It is just meant to be experienced. It may happen that in some cases, friends get more close to you than your family members, and that is not something wrong unless you have the right group of friends.

  • Romantic relationships

Sometimes, mutual attraction leads to love and becomes your type of interpersonal relationship. But, again, love cannot be defined but is meant to be experienced. It is one of the most alluring feelings when you know someone is there to care for you more than you. Love can be friends, but not all friendships are meant to be loved.

  • Work

Some people feel interpersonal connections with their workpeople as well. It is very typical to have relationships with people outside your family. Sometimes, we may not open up in front of our family and friends, but we can discuss it with people at work. You should know whom to trust in your office and set some boundaries that should not be exceeded.

Importance of interpersonal relationships

Staying in an interpersonal relationship is crucial as it is like always having someone's back and vice versa. They are significant for the overall physical and emotional happiness of a person. They help in battling with emotional instability and give new motivation and encouragement to your life. Sharing similar thoughts, similar fields of interests, and hobbies helps you know the persona better, and hence you start developing similarities in each other. Then slowly comes trust, loyalty, and support. Some interpersonal relationships may also result in love between two individuals. There should be a mutual understanding between both personalities in such a case. Or else, the relationship will be one-sided, and there will be no spark left. Of course, interpersonal relationships do not get polished all of a sudden. It is the effort of months or years that builds the authenticity of your relationships.

Herein, the most critical factor is 'communication.' Sometimes, letting your ego go is worth saving your interpersonal relationship. However, you need to take that one step down to jump a leap higher. Texting and social media are fine, but live interaction is a must in an interpersonal relationship. Within some time, conflicts will b welcomes. Conflicts are a must in an interpersonal relationship. It makes you understand the worth of the person with whom you share your feelings and trust. How you deal with it defines the strength and weakness of your relation. The most important thing to keep in mind in an existing interpersonal relationship is to speak up. Anything that bothers and affects you should be conveyed to the person about whom it is or any other person whom you feel safe to share with. Keeping things within you will not help to find the solution.

Interpersonal Relationships Psychotherapy- Peki Therapy

Sometimes, there are some emotional or mental problems associated with interpersonal relationships, which are not uncommon. Interpersonal psychology is a time-limited, focused, and calm process to treat interpersonal relationship-related disorders. The motto of this therapy is to solve and deal with interpersonal issues and resume the functioning of those relationships. There are different vital areas according to different types of interpersonal relationship issues. Some may be dealing with their past conflicts, while others may have problems with current family, friends, partners, coworkers, or any other close ones. Treatment of interpersonal therapy differs from situation to problem and person to person. The interpersonal therapy patterns aim to modify the relationships and target the relationships that deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental and emotional problems. It is entirely natural and normal to deal with such pain. Let us normalize talking about any hazard that affects us, as a human. These Interpersonal Therapies make the best out of you and help you get out of your negative thoughts.

Peki Therapy provides psychotherapy and counseling to adolescents and individual adults in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They offer a personalized approach to meet your unique needs. First, they will work at a pace that feels right to you. Then they will collaboratively address your concerns while tracking your experience of the psychotherapeutic process. They also have different therapy sessions for other people having various issues. They welcome all people of any age group. For further details, visit their site-

Hence, interpersonal relationships are beautiful but disgraceful if not nurtured throughout. We sometimes require help and guidance to obtain an objective insight based on our subjective world. ​There is no specific age or time to grow, connect and understand our wants and needs. If you suffer from depression, feelings of fear, anxiety, or loneliness, or feel generally dissatisfied with aspects of your life, feel free to contact such therapists who will provide hope and a path towards greater peace and happiness. The primary conclusion of the entire article is not to lose the people who are close to you and your life. It is best if you had someone to be with you at some point in your life. Making an interpersonal relationship is easy, but maintaining it isn't easy at times. "Treasure your relationships, not possessions."

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